Hello, I’m Cat.

I know the importance of a positive culture in our home-away-from-home, so I’m starting with Work Peace, and building up to World Peace.

My Philosophy

So what’s all this about workplace bullying and harassment?

Isn’t it just the way we do things around here?

Should we all just harden up?

Has NZ gone PC mad or, is there a different story?

Through my work in the trenches of large organisations (and as a card carrying member of Gen-Y), I know that the emerging workforce has different habits, expectations and values. Connection is the new currency and everyone wants to be recognised for the individual that they are.

My Services

I will work with you to create and sustain an inclusive work culture that embraces uniqueness in order to increase innovation and creativity. When each individual can be their best, you will attract and retain the best; and then, the sky is the limit.

Back story: Trainer and team leader for St John Ambulance clinical control. Founder of GOOD FOR YOU.nz. Completed study in facilitation, conflict resolution, emergency management, and communication and relationship management. I’m currently studying for a Diploma in Psychology, and for fun, Improvisational Theatre.