Hello! I’m Maria.

I am a mediator and workplace consultant based in Auckland, facilitating private negotiation of disputes for individuals and organisations trying to address complex relationships. My training and experience includes legal practise (12+ years), interpersonal, communication and mediation skills.

My process

My approach is flexible – mediation meetings should suit the nature of the dispute and the wishes of the parties. The process is informal, agreed in advance and face-to-face to promote communication and understanding. Mediation is always voluntary and confidential; the parties may not discuss the dispute with others who aren’t involved with the process. Parties can be represented by someone who can answer questions and assist in developing solutions. Others may attend meetings with the consent of all parties, such as legal, managerial, technical or resource persons.

Investigation Services

I investigate workplace complaints of harassment and bullying. I undertake robust, transparent and fair investigations so that an employer can establish the truth of the matter and take appropriate action. My investigative ability is supported by my legal training and experience, specialising in litigation.

Organisational Culture

I undertake reviews for organisations large and small, focussing on how their values and culture:

  • guide organisational behaviour
  • create value
  • develop a competitive advantage

Intangibles such as behaviours and culture, while inherently difficult to measure, are revealed in an organisation’s dealings and operations with its stakeholders and wider community.