E-learning module

Introduction to diversity

20-25 minutes

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Who is it for?
The module can be done by an individual, in pairs or a whole team and can be deployed for use across your whole organisation.

This e-learning programme can be a stand alone product or can sit along side the face to face training to support the maintenance of a safe workplace.

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Why do we need to address this?

One in five kiwis say they have been bullied at work. And more than a third (36%) have left their jobs as a result of it. Others report that they have suffered from depression and anxiety. Bullying and harassment can impact on performance and productivity and can damage your reputation and lead to costly legal action.

Bullying and harassment can be overt such as rude gestures, offensive remarks, hostile glares, excluding people or giving them the silent treatment. It can also be covert like spreading malicious rumours, making unrealistic demands, assigning demeaning tasks, or denying someone opportunities for training or promotion. These days bullying and harassment can take also place through, email, texts, social media and messaging apps.


  • to explore participants’ awareness of their attitudes, values and beliefs, increasing the appreciation of working with diverse individuals
  • to ensure understanding of issues regarding tangata whenua, other ethnicities, disability, gender – and other dimensions of diversity
  • to support consistent, safe and professional service with colleagues and customers
  • to touch people’s real lives, building trust and relationship, minimising conflict, maximising rapport and cohesion

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